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May 22, 2013
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October 7, 2013

Less than a decade ago I was living in the middle of nowhere, hiding from the world and running from personal failures. Today, I’m celebrating one of the most amazing nights of my life – last night. It was a holy moment – a full hour that I will look back on 50 years from now and know that the Holy Spirit was birthing something beautiful in and through us. The most important lesson I’m learning in it all is that our pasts do not determine our potential. God is looking for sincere hearts that are hungry for more of Him.

Last night was our first leadership conference call to launch chapters for the Christian Women’s Small Business Association. I met with 10 women from all over the country to discuss what God could do with a group of completely ordinary women with like-minded hearts and a passion to serve the Lord & His daughters. From Guam to California, New York to Florida and many others in between, we dreamt, planned, and prayed asking God to use our lives for His glory.

As I examined my weaknesses and shortcomings, I knew this vision would be impossible in my own strength, then God lead me to Numbers 13 in the Bible. The chapter is about 12 Israelites who were sent out to spy on and report back regarding the circumstances in their “promised land” of Canaan. After 40 days on duty, the spies reported back to Moses & the people. Ten of them described every giant and obstacle in the land, but before they could go on, Caleb (one of the 12), spoke up and stated, “Let us go up at once and take the land. For we are well able to take it in battle.” Caleb knew that God would fight for them and that no matter how big the obstacles ahead of them were, His God was faithful to give them the victory and stay true to His promises.

When I read that story, something in me came alive, knowing that God is calling us to boldly and passionately step out in faith in Jesus’ name. I don’t know how every detail will play out, but I know that my God is faithful to finish what He starts in us. I know that my God will equip us with all we need to do what He’s called us to do. The harvest is plentiful and the spiritual fruit is overflowing. God is building up a mighty army of believers who refuse to sit on the sidelines waiting for everything to be perfect. He’s calling each of us to rise up out of our comfort zones and insecurities and to serve Him wholeheartedly. He can make something beautiful out of your life if you give it 100% to HIM.

Written by Anna Quesada

Anna Quesada

Anna Quesada is the founder of the Christian Women’s Small Business Association. She started her first business at the age of seven on her grandpa’s front lawn. Later, she spent a decade in the marketing industry working closely with inspirational speakers, life coaches, ministry leaders, and small business owners. With a passion for serving women in business,  Anna offers daily inspiration and encouragement to entrepreneurs.

Anna has a degree in Organizational Development and is about to complete her MA in Communications. She also blogs for the San Antonio Express News website and runs a full service digital agency helping multi-million dollar clients dominate the online business world with exceptional marketing strategies and branding. You can find out more about her work at

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